Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7th Grade Revision

7th Grade Revision  
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 

In 7th Grade a lot happened. I went through school getting all A's. I completed all of my assignments and did the best that I could. Through 7th Grade, I learned a lot about education, people, and life. 7th Grade has been one of my favorite school years so far. I had great times with my friends, my family has had a great year, and I did really good in school. I am winning an award too. I am unsure of what the award is but I shall find out tonight.  

This whole year has been filled with new trends, new music, and new actions. People have been wearing tons of dresses and skirts. There are special days like bowtie Tuesday, Pink Wednesday, or Bright Pants Thursday. Music has changed and will continue to change throughout life. http://www.u93.com/index.php?/music/charts
Many actions have happened, though, that will change the course of life. There was a Massachusetts Bombing and many more. 
I have found out who I want to be as a person and what I want to accomplish in life. I wish to become a marine biologist or an oceanographer. Scientists know more about the moon and space than we know about the ocean and its depths. I believe that it would be interesting to discover knew things and become famous. I would like to visit the Amazon Rain Forest as well. Maybe find new life there. I believe that you will learn something knew every day. Well, I have learned more than one thing everyday throughout the school year. Have you? Do you like learning new things? How did you enjoy your school year? What is in store for next year?


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 10

Blogging Challenge 

I wrote 11 posts throughout the 3 month challenge. I wrote 10 posts for the challenge, including this one, and I also wrote my Welcome screen. I received 2 comments from teachers and that was it. 1 comment was written on my Welcome post and the other is located on my Who am I? tab. I believe that 1 was written on my welcome screen because that is the 1st thing you see when you open my blog and I believe that the other comment was located on my Who am I? tab because that tab explains who I am and what I like to do. I enjoyed writing Challenge 9 the most because I visited many wonderful blogs that included innumerable 2.0 tools and included great information.Yes, I have changed themes just to mix up the way that it looks. I have many widgets, an estimate of 10-15. I think that it is just enough, maybe not enough. I have 7 different over seas students on my blogroll.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 9

Blogging Challenge 
Games (#1)

I have visited 3 websites and left my comments. 
I love Billy Quach's Blog. Billy made many very good points and also expressed his opinion in various ways. I chose to comment on Billy's Challenge 2 writing which was a freedom write. Billy chose to write about Taylor Swift.

I very much enjoyed Ahir's Blog. Ahir talked about middle school topics and did not bore the reader. He was constantly asking questions and giving his opinion. I chose to read an article written by Ahir on IPads and how everyone at his school has one. I gave my opinion about the damage that could be done to an IPad. I also compared it to the damage rates of our Mac Books at my school. 

My favorite blog that I visited was Mikaylah's. She has a wonderful view of the world. Her coloring and background is appealing, her words are inspirational, and she seems like a wonderful girl going through life. I chose to read her article on "Wings" an inspirational song. She expressed her opinion and ended greatly. Mikaylah included examples and lyrics in the song ans explained why she liked it.

I have had a great time visiting these students' blogs. I hope that you will take the time to visit these blogs and leave your comments, as I have. Billy shares his opinion, not caring what others think. Ahir expresses issues at school, through the mind of a Middle School Student. And Mikaylah inspires people through poems, pictures, songs, and stories. All 3 students have exceptional blogs and express wonderful topics.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 8

Blogging Challenge 
10 of the Greatest Things

Beaches -
There are many beaches in the world. About 800,000 to be exact. There are many things to do at the beach. You can read in the sand, take a walk along the shore, take a dip into the water, build a sand castle, or maybe you just need some time to think. I love to just sit on the shore and read a great book, get lost in the words and the sound of the water. Feel the sand beneath my toes and the wind in my hair. Have you ever been to the beach? What do you like to do there? 

Books - 
Books are like a whole new world.  Whether you write or read the book, it's like you are relieved of all real life problems. To relieve my stress or worries I have, I read. I forget about the world around me and become someone else. Sometimes I'm Harry from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or I become Bella from the Twilight Series. Who do you become? Do you enjoy being the reader? Or the writer?  
Find some Great Classics here -

Clothing - 
 Everyone has a "fashion sense" of their own. Whether they dress up and wear dresses and skirts everyday or stick with sweat pants and an old sweatshirt. Everyone has a secret behind what they wear. I believe that you can tell a lot about how someone dresses. I, on the other hand, wear sweat pants to make a statement. Not because I can't afford other clothes or that I just like wearing them, it's to show others that I don't care what they think about me. So, what do you wear? Can you tell someone's personality by their clothing? 

Secrets - 
If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it? A secret. Everyone has secrets. Some more than others. I have many secrets. Some secrets are so deep and dark that not even my dog knows them. I have kept secrets, shared them when necessary, shared my own secrets, and told my closest friends. There is always that one friend that I can trust and I know that she will always keep my secrets. -Brenna S. I keep her secrets and she keeps mine. I have helped her through a lot and she has helped me even more. Secrets can tear you apart or bind you together, only you can decide. So, Do you keep secrets? Do you have a special friend to tell them to? Do they bind you together? Or tear you apart?  

Friends -
Friends are everything to me. Most say that Family would come before friends, but not for me. Friends are family. If my friends aren’t happy, neither am I. When I need help, my friends are there for me. I am a friend to anyone that is a friend to me. It is hard to find friends that you can trust, but I have been blessed with many. I feel like I can trust each and every one of my friends. Do you have many friends? Can you trust your friends?

Water -
Water is a necessity for life. I know your thinking that this is a dumb subject, but I’m being serious. Water is scarce in some regions. In Africa the people have to drink, cook, and bathe with the same water. The water is not clean. Some people take little things like water for granted, including me. Food, water, clothes, shelter, everything. Some people live in poverty.  They dig through the trash to find their dinner. Children go to bed without having any food. Sometimes for days on end. Water may seem little, but we take it for granted, when others have to fight to get a small portion. What are your thoughts on poverty and scarce necessities? Do you believe that we take things for granted without trying?

Braces -
Most kids beg their parents for braces. I, on the other hand, beg to get my braces removed. I have had many people tell me that they wish that they had braces. I try to explain to them the pain of braces and how hard it is to do daily things. I couldn’t eat properly for 2 weeks. I couldn’t bite my nails like I usually did out of habit. I couldn’t bite my lip when I got nervous. I couldn’t properly close my mouth. It drives me crazy. Still, people wish they had crooked teeth. At my school, braces are considered “Cool”. They aren’t. All my friends, none have braces, told me that I was going to be to cool for them and promised me that I would have a boyfriend immediately. I didn’t want any of that. I didn’t think that I would be able to hold the responsibility of braces. I didn’t want to be cool or have a boyfriend. I still got stuck with braces, though. Do you have braces? What do you think about them? Do they drive you crazy? Are you considered “Cool”, now?

Popularity -
In my school, popularity is frowned upon by 95% of the students. The other 5% are considered the “Popular” Kids or we call them the “Preps”. They are based on sports, number of friends, and how wealthy their family is. Now, some of the “Preps” are just friends of the wealthier kids. The “Preps” at my school, are not what you think. They might ignore kids like me but they don’t bully and push around the “Geeks” or “Nerds”. Really, if you wanted to name some cliques at my school, they wouldn’t be the normal “Geeks”, “Populars”, and “Loners’. There are lots of cliques and if you wanted to name the big ones: “Computer Nerds”, “Wanna-bees”, “Strangers”, and whatever the little ones would be called. I have asked other people what they thought my friends and myself were. You would be surprised at the results: “Down to Earth”, “The Crew”, and “S.B.C.” (Smart but Cool). What are your thoughts on popularity? What would others categorize you as?

Dreams -
You dream at night. You dream during the day. I dream most often during class. I dream about what I wish life was like. Some dream about fears. Some dream about their friends or family. I think that dreams can interpret your future if you dream hard enough. I think you control what you dream about. If you have bad thoughts, you will have bad dreams. The older you get, the less you dream. So, dream while you can. Dream of the good, the bad, the exciting, the wondrous. It all can interpret your thoughts, worries, and future. “Dream until, Your dreams come true” - Unknown.

Music -
Music can also interpret a lot of your life. I believe that the type of music you listen to can affect your choices, your thought process, and sometimes, the way you act around others. The way you think of the music, also determines how it affects you. If you understand what the music is saying, then I do not believe that it will affect you as much. There might be that one song that you believe describes you perfectly, but it’s really about something completely opposite. You decide. Do you think music affects you and your choices? Do you understand the music you listen to? Does it really describe you and your situation?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 6

Blogging Challenge
Digital Footprint 
Activity 2

When I Google myself, nothing personal about me comes up.  My Facebook Page, My Twitter (for school and home), and many of my accomplishments that have been posted on my school website. There are very few pictures of me. Yes, my friend could find out information about me, but not any personal information: phone number, address, or email. I believe my friends could find me easier than anyone else because they know me best.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 5

Blogging Challenge 
What's in the Forest? 

For this Challenge I made a StoryBird, Story Book.  
I hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 4

Blogging Challenge 
Using Images in Posts

Beaches are beautiful, magical, and can be the most romantic place. Beaches can be for fun in the sun or a relaxing stroll in the evening. Green, blue, purple, yellow. You never know the colors you will find. Seashells along the seashore. Seaweed floating through the water. People laughing and having fun. Do you like the beach? Share some of your favorite times at the beach, below. Also, please, sign my guestbook!